Covarians is an "Aviation IOT" company delivering end to end knowledge acquisition solutions based on the association of three know-how :

  • Metrology and the understanding of the physics and chemistry of sensors.
  • IOT connected and ultra low power hardware development.
  • Information Technologies and Datasciences.

The vision behind the creation of Covarians is that the technologies brought by the Internet of Things enable us to bring new functions in aircraft which can be certified and installed at a fraction of the cost of a usual aircraft modification. This enables aircraft operators and airlines to access knowledge which was impossible to get if the corresponding sensors were not already installed at manufacturing time.

With the COVID-19 deeply affecting the air-travel industry and airlines going through a self survival course, the race for efficiency will be key to reach new financial equilibrium. This is where in depth knowledge acquisition about process execution, equipment maintenance and customer experience can help spotting new efficiency opportunities and make the difference.

Covarians has been founded by Frederic GRIFFE former cabin avionics CEO at Zodiac Aerospace (now part of Safran). Passionate about hightech, he has worked in many different fields such as air and water environmental monitoring, underwater robotics, satellite communication and aviation.
He also teaches Metrology for Flight Test Instrumentation at ISAE Supaéro in Toulouse.

Covarians is based at the Incubator of Ecole Centrale Supelec located in the middle of the scientific ecosystem of Paris Saclay Université where the company benefits from extensive technical expertise, talented students and a wide range of prototyping and experimentation means.

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