As a company strongly involved in the aeronautics and air travel industry, COVARIANS is doing its utmost to contribute to the rebirth of our industry.

One of the key factor to help traffic is the trust of passsengers to fly in a safe environment. Airlines are deploying very intensive efforts to garanty the safest conditions on board their aircrafts.

Aerometrix™ enables airline to monitor continuously the air quality in the cabin, and compute ventilation efficiency to ensure that the ventilation is consistant with the passenger occupancy for each phase of the flight. Indeed ventilation is a key parameter to ensure that the air we breathe on board is free of any contamination.

With the COVID-19 crisis, airlines will have to find a new financial equilibrium where they can still make profit with less passengers per flight and less aircraft flying. This will require massive gains on the operationnal costs. This is were IOT and data analytics solutions such as Aerometrix™ will be key to spot new opportunities to improve efficiency.

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