Covarians' global service to monitor
Passenger Comfort and Air Quality
on board aircraft

More than ever is air quality on board aircraft important for our health but also our safety.

This is why COVARIANS offers AEROMETRIX™, an IOT based global service to monitor passenger comfort, air quality and systems on board aircraft.

Ventilation efficiency

In aircraft air quality and therefore respiratory comfort and health safety are linked to ventilation efficiency.

Operationnal efficiency

Fume events have been a costly disturbance to flight operations that airlines cannot afford any longer.

Passenger's trust

Health safety is one of the major concerns for passengers and is therefore a key to normal traffic conditions.

How does it work ?


Aerometrix™ sensor's shape and colors can be customized to fit the cabin interior look and feel. Measuring air quality does not mean disturbing the carefully designed cabin interior.


Aerometrix™ sensors are fully autonomous and completely independant from any aircraft system. Their seamless installation can be done within an aircraft turnaround time.

Build trust.

Measure and demonstrate that the ventilation flow and fresh air renewal is adequate with the number of passengers at all time during flight.

I want to know more...

19.2 millions miles already flown by Aerometrix™ sensors

This is 890 times around the Globe... and still no frequent flyer card for them.

Our partners

Working with the most advanced research centers in micro-sensors, IOT and AI for the ones who are building tomorrow's aviation.

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