The sense of passenger's
Health & Comfort on board !

Air quality on board aircraft is important for our health but also our safety.

This is why COVARIANS launches AEROMETRIX™, the first global service to monitor passenger comfort, air quality and cabin systems on board aircraft.

Why is it important ?

Ventilation efficiency

In aircraft air quality and therefore respiratory comfort and health safety are linked to ventilation efficiency.

Operationnal efficiency

Fume events are a costly disturbance to flight operations that airlines cannot afford any longer.

Passenger's trust

Health has become a major concern for passengers and is therefore a priority for airline companies.

How does it work ?


Aerometrix™ sensor's shape and colors can be customized to fit the style of the carefully designed cabin interior.


Being fully independant from aircraft systems Aerometrix™ sensors can be easily installed within an aircraft turnaround time.

Build trust.

Get the contextual data for a better understanding and a more effective response to customer complains and crews concerns.

Want to know more ?

Does it fly ?

22 000 hours already flown by Aerometrix™ sensors
This is 390 times around the Globe...

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