The future of cabin avionics

Although modern aircraft generate giga bytes of data after each flight, very few relate to cabin environmental conditions and passenger's experience.

Introducing new sensors in aircraft requires a complex and costly modification process. Therefore airlines still rely mainly on passenger's feedback questionnaires to improve in flight customer experience.

Aerometrix™ is based on non intrusive autonomous sensors installed on board the aircraft and connected to a data processing and analytics cloud. Aerometrix™ can provide airlines with key information regarding air quality, ventilation efficiency, equipement health monitoring and many other operationnal parameters.


Environmental dashboard

Get a global view of the environmental and operationnal parameters across the fleet.

Automated data analysis

Get advanced warnings in case of small signals or slowly deteriorating conditions.

Diagnostic support.

Get usefull data in case of complex fault diagnostic such as smell and fume events.


Non intrusive autonomous smart sensors

Aerometrix ENV

Environmental comfort.


Temperature, humidity, pressure, accelerations, and many other important comfort features.


Energy, sensor stability and memory capacity allow for months of operation.

Easy to install
Small part exemption

Aerometrix AIR

Air quality and ventilation efficiency


Temperature, humidity, pressure, accelerations, CO, CO2, COV, NO2, ...


Customize sensor's design to match the cabin interior.

Easy to install
Large autonomy

Aerometrix EQT

Cabin equipement health monitoring


Temperature, vibration, peak currents consumption...

Embedded analytics

Monitors trends and anticipates failure.

Easy to install
Accelerated fault finding
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